Introducing…La Finca Familia…

La Finca Familia was born out of the award-winning La Finca Thai Fusion restaurant located in La Alcaidesa (near Sotogrande and Marbella), in Spain’s Andalusia region. La Finca Thai Fusion has been offering the highest quality Thai-inspired fusion creations, made with only the freshest ingredients, since it came into being in 2010.

To this day, we strive to keep the bellies of local patrons, tourists and erstwhile travellers full of good food, and their heads and hearts full of good cheer, and we very much look forward to welcoming you into their number should you wish to pay us a visit (for more information please visit our website).

Not content with having conquered the local culinary scene, we wanted to bring “La Finca” to the masses and to share our creations with the world. Our restaurant has always provided a sense of belonging and community to its customers, while providing us with new friends, new adventures and new family. So when looking for a name for our fledgling venture “La Finca Familia” was an obvious choice. Our “familia” is not limited to just those that have passed through the doors of La Finca over the years, our familia is open to all and we are looking to grow – come join the family.

“We are familyyyyy…”

Sister Sledge

La Finca Familia was formed in 2019 by La Finca Thai Fusion’s owner, her husband and two of their friends (also husband and wife) – we explained the whole “family” thing already, right?! The founders’ shared vision is clear: we want to bring the exact aromas and colours of La Finca Thai Fusion’s gastronomy into the homes of anyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for the exotic. We want to create a range of sauces, pastes and dips that not only make it easy for our customers to create mind-blowingly good food in the comfort of their own home, but which also encourage experimentation and the creation of new culinary masterpieces!

All La Finca Familia creations are developed in-house by our team of professional chefs and painstakingly tested by the La Finca Familia founders (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!) – we continually tweak, adjust and balance until everything is just so. As La Finca Familia products are all pasteurised, we also undertake rigorous A/B testing to ensure that flavours and aromas survive the pasteurisation process and, again, we tweak, adjust and re-balance to ensure that the end customer is delivered precisely the experience that was intended.

All La Finca Familia product artwork is also created in-house, with each label design being beautifully crafted around carefully selected colour schemes and an animal that we feel represents and embodies the essence of the product. Our La Finca Familia efforts allow us to support a number of local and international animal charities; animals having always played an important role in the lives and families of the La Finca Familia founders.

We have massively enjoyed creating our range of La Finca Familia products, and we very much hope that they may bring you, and your familia, even more enjoyment in the eating! Please share your experiences, ideas and creations with us via any of our social media channels.

With love,

Syrie, Rafa, Joannah, Damon and the entire La Finca Familia team.